Azure Rich Group

Azure Rich (see more details in the profile of this website) has successfully completed property projects across Australia and Thailand including resorts in the last 20+ years.

Azure Rich is now offering a unique opportunity to eligible investors to own up to 100% of newly developed 3 & 4 star Hotels (mixed-use buildings), 5 star hotels and resorts (some with villas and condominiums), across Thailand primarily in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, also in Chiang Mai and other locations where there is sufficient demand.

Azure Rich provides a ‘turnkey’ delivery including; securing land, design, approvals, construction, asset/hotel management (with International Hotel operators), legal/accounting, gaining 100% foreign ownership and providing the exit strategies.

Azure Rich 4+ Star Mixed-use Accommodation buildings (hotel licensed)

Azure Rich is developing and overseeing the management of its own 4+ Star chain (NEBU), managed by International Hotel Operators. Freehold Land is already owned and projects commenced in Phuket and Pattaya with further sites being acquired including in Bangkok, to grow the chain. A special project vehicle (‘SPV’) is to be established in Thailand for each individual project, so that investment, return and accounting are all in one company per asset, including the associated legal rights, 100% foreign ownership approval gained by Azure Rich for the Investors.

The 4+ Star Buildings will be a modern style concept (separate chain concept document available) and Azure Rich will supervise the individual professional operators managing the individual hotels suitable to the majority of the tourism market, with 100-200 rooms per Building.

Azure Rich’s management team have over 20 years experience in managing property assets, and along with the appointed International Hotel Operators they will supervises the individual Mixed-use assets in the Chain. 

Other Projects, Investment Opportunity

Azure Rich can also creates bespoke 3, 4 or 5 star projects in Thailand to suit an investors needs and requirements, to expand an existing chain or to establish a new one.

The basic metrics of the investment opportunity in a 3 star hotel (in current projects in Thailand) is able to be structured with a 100% return over a consolidated financial 5 year period, so an average of 20% per year for 5 years. 

The syndicate types can be varied to suit different age groups, investment only or investment and personal use rights. A few examples are set out below;
Azure Rich thoroughly researches the market prior to commencing new projects, then identifies and secures premium development sites in the appropriate locations, providing excellent returns for all investors and solid exit strategies.

Features of Investing in Azure’s Hotel Projects.